Blog Tour – Jozi Flash 2017

August 21, 2018

Jozi Flash 2017 release cover

Jozi Flash 2017, a journey through worlds at the hands of several talented authors. I took part in it myself, but this isn’t about me – it’s about the rest of the awesome writers that took part.

From dragons and the gold they hoard, to the far future and second chances, Jozi Flash 2017 runs the gamut from children’s stories to science fiction, and showcases the sheer talent of the writers that contributed to it, and the art used is fantastic too.

If you want to spend some time getting lost in several different universes, go and download this e-book. You won’t regret it.

Is this supposed to be a review? I’m not so sure, I just wanted to put my thoughts about this book down and I’m not very good at that, I tend to ramble a lot.

But I’ll put a score down here anyway, a completely biased one so don’t take it too seriously.

9/10. Go read it. Now. Or I’ll sic a dragon on you.

P.S.: I had a blast writing my horror story. Read it while eating ice cream.