Mah Kitteh

January 8, 2019

This is Mah Kitteh. Mah Kitteh’s name is Tum. I love Mah Kitteh very, very much. I’ve had Mah Kitteh for many years. Mah Kitteh’s mother, sadly, died many years ago, run over by a car in our street.

Mah Kitteh didn’t like his mother much, but we all did. Mah Kitteh likes to be lazy and lie on my bed all day, when he isn’t trying to interrupt my writing by jumping on my lap (what Kitteh doesn’t?) because he’s jealous of the attention I’m giving to my writing.

Silly Kitteh.

Mah Kitteh isn’t terribly playful, but he’s getting on in years and I suppose old age is making him less playful than a younger Kitteh. He’s also pretty aggressive when he wants to be.

I love Mah Kitteh very, very much.

Thank you for reading about Mah Kitteh.